stranglehold stran‧gle‧hold [ˈstræŋglˌhəʊld ǁ -ˌhoʊld] noun [countable usually singular] disapproving
complete control over a particular market, industry, or situation:
stranglehold on/​over

• The new legislation will break their stranglehold on the industry, and allow competition on a more even footing.

— compare monopoly

* * *

stranglehold UK US /ˈstræŋglhəʊld/ noun [C, usually singular] DISAPPROVING
complete control over a market, an industry, etc. that does not allow fair competition from other businesses: break/loosen/tighten a stranglehold »

The Association campaigned for America to break the stranglehold of foreign oil.

have a stranglehold on/over sth »

The banks still have a stranglehold on the credit card market, despite many new providers offering lower interest rates.

Financial and business terms. 2012.

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